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Congratulations on completing your ProTrainings course. We hope it was everything you thought it would be … and more. The good news is that you’re now ready to take your exam.

Remember that muscles that don’t get used begin to atrophy. Even those mental muscles. The same goes for the newly acquired skills you’ve just gained, as they can easily be forgotten if not used or refreshed regularly. Don’t let all that important knowledge get flabby.

To that end, we have a free weekly video training series delivered via email that you can easily sign up for that will deliver important training right to your inbox in small doses.

If you’d like to sign up for this training, you can do so here (if you're not already registered).

Now that you’ve acquired these all-important life-saving skills, don’t let the fear of infectious disease stand in the way of you becoming someone’s potential hero. To combat this fear, you can get a keyring CPR shield through ProTrainings that will protect you from a disease no matter the situation. And as long as you have your keys with you, you’ll be protected.

You may be in a situation where you’re not required to practice on a mannequin or perform a skills test. However, if you find out later that your employer does require this, or if you simply think this would be great practice for you (Spoiler Alert: It is!), ProTrainings has you covered with a mannequin solution for all your skills practice and training.

If you’re interested in this mannequin training solution, contact ProTrainings and we’ll have one delivered to you at a convenient time.

Also, for anyone who has taken one of our 100 percent online courses and still requires an evaluation, now or in the future, you can do that with a simple phone call to ProTrainings at any time

Thanks again for choosing ProTrainings as your training resource. But before we sign off, we’d just like you to consider WHY you’ve chosen to learn these skills.

Life is a precious thing. It’s something that should be appreciated, savored, and celebrated. As a skilled rescuer, you have enormous power to help people in need. To give back to them the one resource that is truly extinguishable – time. Time for everything that matters to them.

Keep the WHY in your mind as you work hard to keep the skills you just learned fresh and valuable. Now, go forth and rescue!